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Eugene, Oregon

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  1. The 4Trees is an influential Hip-Hop family from the Pacific Northwest whose core members consists of The Nomadic Storyteller, N-Dever, AJD, and Infinity. They are frequently joined by honorary members Wynn-a-fresh, Raymond Tha Archer, Broken Imagery, Chuck Chee$e, Alias Beats & several others. Originally formed on the central Oregon coast in Newport, the group is now based in Eugene where they own and operate Ghetto House Productions and Empty Safe Skateboarding. Kevin Kowalski, Carson Edwards, Pat Bordwell, & Jesse Cobb ride for Empty Safe Skateboarding among others & G.H.P. recently added B.DaTruth to the Family. 4Trees have released several underground mix-tapes and performed many classic shows together as a family of artists, often collectively known as the Tree Family. The Nomadic Storyteller's original debut album featuring the 4Trees Family is due to hit the Northwest streets in early 2011. For more information and to hear the music please visit reverbnation.com/4trees