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Boss Goodie

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Music Artist
  1. Boss Goodie, born In Pine Bluff Arkansas, Raised In The Mile High City (The Box) Denver, Co Fell in love with music at the age of 3, at the age of 12 he wrote his first rhyme in a middle school class and sold it for 5 dollars he has been on an undeniable mission every since,
    he hopes that his music will cater to those who need motivation and who has lost hope and the will to move forward, he believes that if he can do it any one can, he also want to reach the slums and ghettos to let them know that the streets are not the only way to survive, Goodie loves to party and have fun but only after business has been handled successfully, all in all you will be able to feel his emotion victory and losses in his music, plug in your head phone world Boss goodie Is hear to stay so sit back and enjoy
    Posted Dec 24, 2013
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