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Connecting The Dots w/ Daraja Hakizimana

Houston, Texas

Music Artist
  1. As we sit awaiting for the interview to begin in Daraja's studio which not many people are allowed here, one can't help but notice his extensive music collection. His walls are literally decorated with old albums, old rare artist posters, and of course sprinkles of comic books and special collectibles all over.
    Its no wonder why he still looks younger than his age. What drives this artist to produce the material he produces? And what keeps him goin just as strong and continuous as a signed artist without the label backing?

    Daraja takes off the headphones.....Lets Begin playa~

    UMC: So how did you hook-up with SouthsideSmokeShop?

    DH: They always been just around the corner from my home so I've always been aware of their presences and their block party shows they throw every year in the hood (which does go Down!!). Plus, not to mention being in Devin The Dude's "Coughee Brothaz" group and being a fellow enjoyer of smokery rituals, it was only a matter of time before we would link up and do some things. And anybody that knows me will tell you, "Daraja is always looking for that next chapter or that next note that didn't get hit yet".

    UMC: What moves, goals,or plans do you, myblockplaya, & SouthsideSmokeShop have this year?

    DH: To make money, some good ass music and some good ass memories. Companied by cool visual trailers and photos. Thats what I bring to the table. The whole goal for both parties is to gain more supporters, fans, and more people aware that its more than Smoking going on over here. No doubt we're a SmokeShop first, but we got alot of new developments thats going to show the masses its more to it than that.

    UMC: Playa Smoke Vol. 1, is this the Beginning??

    DH: Definitely!. Playa Smoke vol.1 is a short 6-trk EP giving everybody a sample of what it sounds like, feels like, and smokes like. It's debuting Smoke Or Die (Daraja, JB, Twinn, Bee, Anddough$$, Boss Lady, Kato, Teeze Fresh, & Jimmy) which is us, the SouthsideSmokeShop crew as artist and being prepared to do whatever it takes to be #1.

    UMC: Whats next after Playa Smoke Vol.1?

    DH: I don't wanna get too ahead but after this project is Smoke Or Die's official debut release. We don't have a title yet but its definitely gonna be some classic shit.

    UMC: When is Flynn-D's "Word N Herbs" gonna drop?

    DH: Most likely late fall sometime, he's just putting the final touches on it. But its coming, i promise. Flynn's a capricorn like me so we tend to become perfectionist at times.

    UMC: What's up with D-One(Tha Chosen)? And what happen to the "Club 803 - Cloud 9" project, are y'all still working on it?

    DH: D-One is coming off his last project "AMERICAN MONEY MUSIC" VOL.1" and is working on "AMERICAN MONEY MUSIC" VOL.2 which features K Rino, Hit Squad, Hollow, Daraja Hakizimana, Ronnie Spencer, & K-Water. That one should be out later this fall also. The "Club 803 - Cloud 9" project is on hold right now due to time constraints with our schedules, but Geno is still working on unreleased music and is actually gonna be droppin a solo project real soon. So we're all working and grindin to see better days, better music, and even better memories playa. Thats what we do.....myblockplaya~
    Posted Oct 02, 2012
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