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Miami Gardens, Florida

Music Artist
  1. Born in 1983 in Bronx, New York as Jamaal Jackson his family migrated down to Miami, Florida where he didn’t really have any interest in music at all until the age of 12 when he was interested in r&b because his sisters was so involved with immature the singing group he auditioned in singing talent shows at studio 183rd and was in talent shows throught elementary school. There was a leave of absence in music in his life up until he turned 17 when he use to make fun of a family friend being in a rap group. He use to recite his friends rhymes every time some one would ask him to rap making fun of there verse until one day they said to him why don’t you try it since you think its so easy. Then he begin to write freestyles in his composition book really influenced by the early styles of people like canibus, jadakiss ,nas, biggie and jay-z people that where not just artist but were word smiths. He heavily concentrated on his punch lines more then anything else. He is known with in his group for always saying the catchy metaphors. The group is known as “The Goonz” a local rap/hip hop group out of Carol City Florida. It contains four members that was reduce to two members really focusing and believing that they have what it takes to make it with in the industry. The rap alias he goes by is “Kick” which is a child hood nick name given to him by the older g’s on the block.