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Providence, Rhode Island

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  1. Most people say "girls are made up of sugar, spice and everything nice". As far as LiL'V is concerned, that's BULLSHIT. Especially when your a female artist coming up in the Hip Hop game.

    Anyone who knows V either loves her or hates her, there's no in-between. This probably has to do with the fact that she won't tolerate stupidity; always speaking her mind and speaking up about the foul actions of others.

    Rising from the Underground with ambition and hard work, V strives to be on top of the music industry. Having only been in the game for a couple years, V made her debut with Sicknasty Volume 1 in August of 2009. Staying on her grind doing shows and constantly recording new music, V is already deep in production of 2 more mixtape releases this year, followed by a full length album in early 2011.

    The versatility in her rhymes allows V to appeal to many types of fans. She loves and hates everyone, so get ready and come for the ride or MOVE THE FUCK OUT THE WAY!! There's no stopping anyone whose as driven as LiL'V!!
    Posted Feb 03, 2011
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