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Kentucky is considered a large contributor to the Underground Rap Music Scene. It is widely known that Kentucky rappers have been putting it down hard and it's much appreciated. Please take a moment to see what some of these Kentucky Rappers have to offer.

So for all the DJ's, emcees and Hip-Hop artist out there that stay constantly on the grind, going from show to show rocking cafes and crowds. Remember every main stream artist had to start some where and most likely that starting point was what we like to call the underground, so keep your head up.

Lets' face it Kentucky Hip-hop overall is a big influence within today's society. And not long ago was it only being performed in the parks or in the lunch room cafeteria. And if you want to be honest about the industry it was just another tool to get the ladies. So I give a special shot out to Kentucky and the whole Kentucky rap music scene. Keep doing it big!

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