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That 1 Kid Sly Tha Deuce

Aurora, Colorado

Music Artist
  1. A fan of music, literature, and theatre since he was a child, Sylvester James Thabit (Sly Tha Deuce) began rapping and writing his own rhymes at the age of 14. At the age of 18, while completing an internship in New York, Sly met an acquaintance of rapper Slim Thug and decided to begin recording his first demo. He hoped to give his demo to Slim Thug but when that did not work out he decided to push his 11 track mix tape, “3D,” on his own.
    The following summer Sly moved to California to work as a GE Security consultant and continue to promote his music. After receiving positive feedback from family and friends, Sly began to seriously consider rapping as a viable way to make a living.
    In the summer of 2008 Sly met Ryan Gourley and Steel Skhi of Subliminal Productions LLC (SP), a local music company that records and produces beats. With the help of SP, Sly recorded his debut album, “States of Mind” in 2008. Sly’s sophomore album, “T.H.A.B.I.T.” (“The Habit”) was released in 2009 along with a collection of mix-tapes. Hundreds of free CDs have been handed out to family, friends, and friends of friends. Sly has performed at several local venues including the Iliff Park Saloon in Aurora, Colorado in which he performed with other local artists for an eager crowd that was yearning for more at the end of Sly’s performance.
    Sly writes all of his material and gets a majority of his beats from Subliminal Productions. He has been compared to artists such as Tech N9ne, E-40, and Ludacris. Though Sly is currently a student at Mesa State University, he continues to devote his free time to his music