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Cincinnati, Ohio

Music Artist
  1. We are iiWildOut our whole purpose of making music is to get our audience hype and speak on reall things that go on in a normal day-to-day life.We do this for our dearest family member of that died...JR. In the mist of all of this.He was the one that always told us we can actually be the artist in Cincinnati that can make it.He actually came up with mixtape for us that were working on called We On Our Way.Since his Passing we switched the mixtape name to JR We On Our Way.This means everything to us we want this more then anything at this point an everything we do now is for him an for people that has had to go threw what we had an give hope to any individual that Has dreams an wish to go threw WE MOTIVATE...Members of the iiWildOut family are:JUJU,Jtz,Sleepy,Keyz,Teddy Grams,Mann..these are just the artist Whole Family includes..LOLO,Tay,Nuke,Zay,Rackz,Malik,Makeyla,KT,Fly,