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  1. ValleyBoyRecords is an Independent Record Label established in 2012 located in Eastern Washington State. (ValleyBoyRecords) before was known as Dirty D (member of Shocker Entertainment) & Mr T (member of MethowValleyRecordz)

    So far ValleyBoyRecords consist of Dirty D (David Sarazin) & Mista Tee (Tyler Welborn). 2gether they are known as VBR.....{*Fact ~ Dirty D & Mr Tee use 2 not care 4 one another until they both discovered that they had the same passion 4 writing and doing music of similar genres* ~}

    ValleyBoyRecords features artist Dirty D & Mista Tee & (Crazy C~ now behind the scenes) VBR was recently in a collaboration with Lil' Axe (Ethan Cook) & Str8Jacket (Chris Parrott) & Crazy C (Chris Olds) & Fade (Wesley Wilcox) for the songs; Reaching 4 The Stars, A Soldiers Ambition, Waiting 4 The Moment, The Darkness Inside, Getin' Axed, Family, Addicted, Un-Leashed Beast, Shocked Ya' & Underground.
    Posted Oct 11, 2014
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