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St. Louis, Missouri

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  1. First giving honor to The Most High and through His Son who shines like The Sun, we become as Little Suns to shine on the world. First of all I would like to thank all the people who encouraged me over the years. If I don�t mention your name here, please believe that you are in my thoughts. It�s too many to list here.

    I titled this album AmeriKas Deficit Disorder because as Malcolm X said �America�s problem is us�. I believe that America has a Love & Truth deficiency. Specifically, African Americans have acquired this deficiency through the ills of slavery. The only way we can replenish this deficit is through UNITY.

    We all have different religious, moral and spiritual beliefs; however, we all share in the same disenfranchisements all over the globe. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan once said �No man can rise above the situation of his people�. The Messiah (Jesus) said that :What you do to the least of my brethren, you have done to me. So, no matter how financially secure we may become as a people, please remember that all over the globe, brown people from Mexico to the Sudan are face horrific situations.

    No one is perfect and this album will prove me to be no exclusion to that fact. Hopefully you will listen to this album from the beginning to end the first time. If you do, you will see my path of transformation from �I�m LIL JON in this MF� to �An Ex-Rapper named Noiz�. My goal was to use my talent of Rap and Spoken Word to say to the world �I�m BLACK, PROUD and I LOVE MY PEOPLE. I love my people regardless of our geographical, social, religious and economical differences.

    Love & Truth,

    Posted Oct 06, 2011
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