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John Doe

Greensboro, North Carolina

Music Artist
  1. Currently ProducingAlbums:John Doe : The Black-Heart LPCrewSadha : YZ ProjectChemistry : ColdHeartChemistry 9626 John Doe : 2minds:1bloodlineABG : Title TBAless thandiv align=centergreater thanless thana href="http://www.mybannermaker.com&;quot; target="_blank"greater than less thanimg src="http://img47.imageshack.us/img47/2564/kk9uj110iqapfe4.gif&;quot; alt='Click here to make your own myspace banners from MyspaceBanners.com!' border=0 /greater thanless thanbrgreater thanMake your own Banner Here!less thanbrgreater thanless than/agreater thanless than/divgreater thancoming soon.....Currently looking for any artist to do production work for: Rap, R9626B, and Gospel artist (call Denzel Richardson at 910-546-8141 or email dzel02@yahoo.com)visit www.DistantPham.com