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Atlanta, Georgia

Music Artist
  1. When you think of the south side, you think of a poor crime infested reality where dreams go to die. But thats not the case for this diamond in the ruff. Israel Kentay Ruck Rucker was born in the south side section of Atlanta. Named after his grandfather, a local pastor who not only spoke the word of God, he lived it. The tone for young Ruckers life was already set for greatness. His mother Lil Rucker was an aspiring singer whose voice electrified many Sunday mornings in her fathers church. Being a single mother of two, she had to make a hard decision whether to pursue her career or provide for her kids. Rucker had no choice but to assume the role of man of the house. He didnt always make the right decisions, and he play a heavy price for that. I saw hustlers and dope boys riding in nice cars and making more money in a day than I would make in a month. I was tired of the struggling and wanted to keep the stress off of my mother. So I jumped in the streets by the age of 14 and started hustling. I used that money to put myself into college. I realized that I was making more money than my college professors. In the summer of 2004 Ruck was pulled over in Forsyth GA for trafficking. As he sat behind the prison bars, the words of his grandfather began to resonate in his mind. So he pulled out a pad and pencil and the words being to flow. On that day, the artist known as Ruck was born. Captivated by the hard R&B of Jodeci and the poetic yet real words of Tupac, Ruck fused both worlds of music together. His tales of relationships good and bad, and real life struggles of his mother trying to keep the family together has proven to be a winning formula. I use my music as a tool to lift women up rather than tear them down. I want to show the world that you dont have to brag about money or cars in order to make a hit. I make music for the people no matter the race or class. No matter if you are on the bus or in a Bentley, you will find something in my music that relates to you.